Providing strategic support to help you manage your team, your time, and your business so that you remain an asset to your organization and your life.

Ras Contractor is an unconventional management consultant.

He is a self-directed professional with a passion for learning about what makes people and businesses tick. Ras’ hands-on approach is an advantage in a field that requires an agile mind and a willingness to apply new methods in order to succeed.

Ras’ job is to enable leaders to accomplish what they can’t find time to tackle on their own.

He has spent 13 years working with entrepreneurs, senior management and executive teams—providing coaching, training, strategic support, project management and leadership development.

With each new client, Ras draws on his experiences in change management, team building, sales, human resources, operations, engineering and marketing to find the solution that best fits the situation. His strength is using this diverse skillset to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes for his clients, personally, and their organizations … then putting plans in place to resolve their issues.

Ras’ watchwords are TEAMWORK, TRANSPARENCY and TRUST: values that inform his work from the bottom up.

“I respect how hard business owners and managers work, and I feel privileged to work alongside them, supporting them in solving their problems and becoming the leaders they truly are.”
– Ras “The Unconventional Management Consultant” Contractor

Some testimonials…

Our company has been working with Ras for the last 3 years. Ras has been a important part in our growth as we have restructured to accommodate rapid growth. He has a great sense of how to round out the company vision and strategy and keep the key people moving in the right direction. Ras has a great ability to strategize a growth plan and help each player reorganize their job and life to facilitate the changes required to be a larger operation without losing what makes the company great. If you think you don’t have the time for something, he’s happy to show you how to fit it all in. He challenges you when you need it, and steps in where necessary.

I highly recommend meeting with him. He’ll definitely bring value to your situation.

Tony Scott, President, Platinum Pro-Claim

I thought I was the only who could do it, and I didn’t feel comfortable with anyone else learning the details of what I do. Ras helped me build a team and compartmentalize my tasks to allow for more efficient training.

Instead of delegating small tasks to my staff, I now have a team and a system to take care of things without my direct oversight. What I learned most through the process is if you don’t take the leap and let go, you can’t move forward.

I am now happier and able to focus on the part of my job that I enjoy the most while still being connected.

Elaine Dimakos, Operations Manager - Strata Division, Platinum Pro-Claim

As an entrepreneur, the instinct is to do it yourself. Ras breaks down that barrier and we were able to move forward much quicker than I expected.

Stephanie Chan, Owner, Love Designs